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23 reviews
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Turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie

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Ten Ten is a social tool known as TikTok's walkie-talkie that allows you to communicate with your friends easily. As if you were holding a real walkie-talkie from the past, you can easily chat with other users by entering a short identification code.

Create your user profile

After installing the Ten Ten APK on your smartphone, you must grant the app three permissions. These permissions will allow the tool to enable the smartphone's microphone to talk, access your contacts to find people you know, or send you a notification whenever someone wants to contact you. After this, you just need to create a user profile by adding a name and a main picture. You can even create your account using TikTok or Google sign-in to save time.

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Add contacts easily

Adding friends on Ten Ten is simple. All you have to do is directly add the people from your address book who have the app installed and start sending messages to your friends. Additionally, the app lets you enter the codes of other unknown users so you can get chatting instantly.

This is how Ten Ten works

Like a traditional walkie-talkie, Ten Ten will play any received messages even if your smartphone screen is locked. Sending any audio in real-time isn't difficult, as you only have to press and hold the image of any contact to chat.

Download the Ten Ten APK for Android and enjoy this fun tool, also available for iPhone, that lets you chat with dozens of people walkie-talkie style. Remember that if you don't want to be caught off-guard by unexpected messages, you must turn on your phone's silent mode to prevent your friends' audio from sounding.

Reviewed by Carlos Martínez Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 10 or higher required

Information about Ten Ten 1.1.28

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Social
Language English
72 more
Author tentenapp
Downloads 287,738
Date Jul 10, 2024
Content Rating +7
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 1.1.26 Android + 10 Jul 4, 2024
apk 1.1.25 Android + 10 Jun 26, 2024
apk 1.1.24 Android + 10 Jun 22, 2024
apk 1.1.22 Android + 10 Jun 4, 2024
apk 1.1.19 Android + 10 May 17, 2024
apk 1.1.18 Android + 10 May 8, 2024

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23 reviews


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leiyomc icon
1 month ago

A very good idea in good hands, but like everything on the Internet, it depends on the use that users give to this application.

happypinkcactus61013 icon
2 weeks ago

I can't even download it

freshbrownlychee3455 icon
2 months ago

Why doesn't he want to update?

fancyorangefrog54206 icon
2 months ago

why the apk is not working on my phone

awesomeredmongoose68461 icon
2 months ago

best regards

awesomepinkcamel17435 icon
2 months ago

I don't know why it didn't work on huawei c'est nulle

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